Sunday 24 June 2012

No Colour - Stranger

Single review by KevW

"Ragged DIY indie" is what their website says. It's a rare moment of unpretentiousness in a world of bands determined to give clever, pompous and downright false descriptions of their music. No Colour are true to their words too, with new single 'Stranger' (their second) being a delightfully messy clatter through a three-minute indie/punk track. It's a superbly unrefined sound, you can hear the rattle of the drum kit and the buzzing of the amps, it's the perfect level of production to bring the best out of a dishevelled pop song that's loaded with spirit and tinny, reverberating guitars. Apparently these guys are based in London, but the cover photo and the singer's accent suggest they may not be born and bred cockneys.

They're not part of the current fad for lo-fi, Jesus & Mary Chain guitar-pop either, because although these songs are scruffy and unkempt they're bursting with vigour and sound as though they're trying to be your friend rather than sitting in the corner, wearing shades and being all aloof. B-side 'Agree In The Dark' isn't short of energy and willpower either. It's not as good as the lead track but it is snapping at its heals, and the overriding impression is that No Colour are hungry, determined, enthusiastic and have an ear for a decent pop tune. All of which should stand them in good stead, we look forward to hearing more.
No Colour's website

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