Saturday 30 June 2012

Five For Free #92

WATERS - If Only

Van Pierszalowski was a member of the quite excellent band Port O'Brien before they split in 2010. After taking some time out, he returned to music with the release of the debut from his new band WATERS late last year. 'If Only' was recorded during the same sessions but has only now seen the light of day. It's brilliantly fizzing, melodic indiepop and it's free below.

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Paul Banks - Summertime Is Coming

When Interpol frontman Paul Banks put out a solo record a while back he went under the guise of Julian Plenty, and it looks like that alias will survive a little longer as this week saw the release of the 'Julian Plenti Lives...' EP, featuring the moody (and very Interpol like) 'Summertime Is Coming'. Paul Banks will be releasing his second solo album later on this year.

Free download: 'Summertime Is Coming'
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Cheerleaders - Puzzles

Leeds trio Cheerleaders are, in band terms, barely out of their nappies, having only formed at the beginning of the year. Taking influence from a wide range of guitar bands from punk to American alt-rock acts such as The National and Husker Du, they've already put on their own DIY shows and are sharing with us the first fruits of their fledgling career in the shape of hectic, buzzing and rather ace indie-punk track 'Puzzles'.

Cheerleaders' website

Arc In Round - One-Sided

Featuring members of now defunct shoegaze band Relay, Philadelphia's Arc In Round have just released their self-titled debut album and giving us the fuzzy and dreamy pop of  'One-Sided' as a free taster. You can hear elements of krautrock, electronica, a swathe of effects-heavy guitar bands and also a small measure of Stereolab, and that's never a bad thing.

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Joe Lewis - Get It Right

Singer-songwriter Joe Lewis is from Newport in South Wales and 'Branches' is his debut release. The EP was written and recorded by Joe himself and 'Get It Right' sets itself apart from routine acoustic fare thanks to the gently humming guitar that adds a warming quality as well as preventing things becoming too slick. His rough growl certainly helps add some passion too.

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