Saturday 9 June 2012

Honey - Fantasist/Cape Canaveral

Single review by KevW

Glasgow psychedelic-rock collective Honey have recently been holed up in the studio recording the follow-up to last year's single, the top-notch shoegaze of 'Nowhere Floating'. The fruits of the recent session are brought to us in the form of this double A-side free download single, because not only do they know how to fashion slow-burning, glowing guitar music, they're generous chaps to boot. While neither track here is as immediate as 'Nowhere Floating', both songs gently simmer away behind a sheet of shimmering guitar effects that create a hearty atmosphere.

'Cape Canaveral' softly drifts into focus with a subtle drone reminiscent of early Verve, getting the mix of subdued effects and gradual swelling just right so that at nearly six minutes long it doesn't outstay its welcome one bit. 'Fantasist' is more likely to appeal to those who who were hooked by the previous single, being slightly more upbeat with guitars that sound as though they were recorded in a wind tunnel. The clumping beat and hazey vocals will be familiar to anyone who's got a few psych-rock or shoegaze records hidden away in their collection. Again it's drawn-out, but robust and enticing enough to keep your attention. Two perfectly serviceable examples of how a good set of pedals and some decent songcraft can be a winning combination.

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