Wednesday 6 June 2012

Pontoons - Antidote

Single review by KevW

The story of New York's Pontoons is a fragmented one that stretches back over twenty years. The original trio released a sole 7" single before splitting after a gig a CBGBs in 1995. Another single was recorded as a duo (with the help of Impossibles bass player Pamela Margid) a year later, and then... nothing. It was a further fourteen years before that duo of Tom Hunt and Christian Harper would reconvene to work on new material and finish what they had so promisingly started. In what must be some kind of record, it's taken 21 years for Pontoons to produce a debut album, the suitably titled 'Slow', which is due out later this year.

Preceding the LP is their third single 'Antidote' which acts as proof that although the wait has been epic, it may well have been worth it. 'Antidote' is instantly likeable indie/pop that, fittingly, sounds as though it could have been recorded at any point in the past two decades, being the kind of timeless, melodic guitar-pop that never really ages or goes out of fashion. Younger bands such as Being There may be producing similarly fresh and jangly tunes right now, but despite not being spring chickens any more, this pair are proving they can send indie hearts a fluttering with the best of them.

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