Sunday 10 June 2012

The Railway Club - Broken Strings

Single review by KevW

Ah cassettes, those squeaky, rattly little tacky plastic things with which sound quality was nothing but an oxymoron. I have hundreds and they're currently doing a fantastic job in their new role of loft insulation. They're all the rage again now of course, with cassette only labels springing up and many bands turning to the format for some retro chic, knowing full well that their fans probably have nothing to play them on. It matters little as everyone downloads the digital to listen to and buys the physical as a collectable memento of their favourite band. It's nice to see them back and it's on this kitsch format that you'll be able to purchase this debut single from The Railway Club.

Most important of course is the music (free digital copy with purchase, natch) which in the case of this North Eastern indiepop/folk outfit is guitar-fuelled and melodic, neatly produced and traditional, with enough of their own personality stamped on it to make it stand apart from the pack. 'Broken Strings' seems a quite nostalgic and thoughtful song with the sharp electric guitar acting as a setting agent to ensure things don't get too mushy. The acoustic B-side 'Angel In The House' is another decent effort, simple and effective in melody and deft yet cutting in lyric. All of which indicates that The Railway Club could turn out to be another quality British guitar-pop band, so get down the charity shop and grab yourself a Walkman so you can show off their wares to your mates.

The Railway Club's website

The single will be available from July 9th via bandcamp

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