Friday 1 June 2012

Artist To Check Out: cornerBoy

Article by KevW

With Joakim Ahlund of Swedish indiepop/garage heroes Caesars currently taking a sabbatical to concentrate on new project Smile, the time is perfect for Cesar Vidal, the band's singer and guitarist, to embark upon a solo venture. Under the guise of cornerBoy he's so far recorded a clutch of tracks, several of which have reached the advanced demo stage and been made available to download for free. There will be a little more production, mixing and mastering to be completed before they're finally complete, but it's difficult to argue with how they sound in their current form. Compared to many 'demos' these tracks positively glow with the confidence and ability of a man who's no stranger knocking together the odd indie classic or two.

The chiming and upbeat 'Keep On Trying' is near perfect summery indiepop with hooks and optimism to die for, the unpolished sound only adds to the effect and you hope that little more is added for the final version. 'Step By Step' almost matches it with its more laid-back poppy allure and time-honoured jangly guitars, and 'I Wonder' also sounds like classic indie, looking to The Beatles, Sugar and Teenage Fanclub for its basic components. 'Universal Friend' slows the pace but without being detrimental to the overall feel. These songs may have more finishing touches to be applied, but frankly you'd be a fool not to find them lovable enough as they are.

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