Saturday 16 June 2012

The Lucid Dream - Hits Me Like I'm Stoned

Single review by KevW

It's called 'Hits Me Like I'm Stoned', it's over six-and-a-half minutes long and it's a 7" only release by Cumbrian modern psychedelia proponents The Lucid Dream. Yep, you've guessed it, this single is a gargantuan slab of reverberating, discordant psych-rock, alright. Guitars oscillate and drums pound like early Spacemen 3, the vocals are swamped in the mix so that they become barely distinguishable. Then part way through the band go into overdrive, concocting the kind of trippy wig-out that Barrett-era Pink Floyd were a touch fond of. Single material this is certainly not, excellent it certainly is, and brave they certainly are for picking this monster over other more easily digestible choices.

On the flip is one such track, a cover of obscure 60's band Factory's lovably flower-powered, kaleidoscopic 'Try A Little Sunshine'. A song they nail in the manner of the late 80's throwbacks who retaliated against the autonomated, inhumane sounds of that era's chart brigade by casting a backwards glance to the warm and experimental creations of twenty years previously. It's pretty darn heartening to see a band taking a punt on a vinyl only release and opting for such a non typical 7" track for the lead. Copies are selling like hot pasties before a VAT hike so get in quick to ensure you don't miss out, you won't regret it.

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