Thursday 7 June 2012

Lady Danville - Better Side

Single review by KevW

Los Angeles has been firing out great indie/pop bands like some kind of sonic machine gun of late, and it may be the city's climate that causes much of it's output to consist of summery melodies and lashings of harmony, but whatever the reason, we can now add Lady Danville to their impressive roster. The trio have been gigging hard and working on a debut album which should see the light of day sometime later this year. Their 'Operating' EP is there for the taking already and is accompanied by their first video for the track 'Better Side'.

The notion that a load of bingo playing old codgers can transform themselves back to their youth by nicking a van and jumping into a swimming pool is undoubtedly an endearing one and it captures the feel-good essence of the song. As for the music: 'Better Side' is hook-filled and catchy, carefully negotiating the line between being alternative enough for the cool kids and commercial enough to give them a fighting chance of getting beyond one-album-then-fade-to-obscurity phase. If they're hiding a few more of these in their arsenal then we could be hearing a lot more of Lady Danville.

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