Tuesday 19 June 2012

Windham Flat - Night And The City

Single review by KevW

San Franciscan garage quartet Windham Flat have a couple of EPs to their name already and are kicking off a series of 'Basement Sessions' whereby they'll be releasing songs with the accompanying video consisting of footage each track being recorded. They're not the first to do this and they sure as hell won't be the last, but it's always interesting to witness the setting in which the records were created. Plus, it's of course more interesting when such films aren't just a load of rich musicians in a large, plush recording studio a la Band Aid.

'Night And The City' is the first in this set and is scruffy freakbeat with some scorching guitar work and throat shredding vocals. It's a blistering thrash through some dirty riffs and nocturnal atmospherics that feel as though they're most at home inhabiting a dark, underground, brickwork cellar such as the one that they were conceived in. The dimly lit video reveals bicycles and Laurel & Hardy posters in the background, along with pool cues and far too many drum kits. An enticing glimpse of a decent, grimy garage rock tune captured in its natural habitat.

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