Saturday 1 March 2014

Five For Free #268

Grandhorse - Short Drive With A Kidnapper

Everyone's idea of a good day out! Actually, listening to the music, it doesn't seem that bad at all, and the song itself is very upbeat and jolly, mixing the worlds of indiepop and shoegaze and coming out with something that sounds fairly timeless. There's definitely enough here to lift Grandhorse above most bands on the Portland scene, and that's no mean feat.

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Catch them live:

Mar 7 Portland, OR
Mar 25 Portland, OR
Mar 26 Seattle, WA
Mar 27 Helena, MT
Mar 28 Billings, MT
Mar 29 Denver, CO
Mar 30 Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 31 Boise, ID

CHAMP - Nothing

So impressed were we with ragged alt-rockers CHAMP after posting their song 'Burnt Alive' last week, that we thought it was worth seeing what else they had up their sleeves. What we found was 'Nothing', another track that takes its cue from '90s guitar bands but offers a slightly harder-edge than we'd heard previously, but just as good and worth featuring here.

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Jim Kroft - Hooligan Army

We're told that Jim Kroft is based in Germany, but his name and accent suggest that might not have been his place of birth, and we'd be right. On 'Hooligan Army', a song from his forthcoming album 'Lunatic Lullabies', the Scot takes us back to when acid house and indie music collided into each other, yet he does this without sounding particularly "baggy". This is just a great pop song, and it's catchy as heck.

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Sam Page - Shine Your Little Light

A year on from his very fine album 'Breach', Californian artist Sam Page is back with another superb example of classic powerpop. 'Shine Your Little Light' could be a have come from heroes like Teenage Fanclub or Guided By Voices. The continual buzz of guitar sounds as though it's had a few buckets full of melody thrown over it, which naturally makes it a fantastic listen.

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Cari Cari - No War

Given the tensions in the Middle East and also the Far East, this is a timely song and video from Austrian band Cari Cari. Musically they take us on a new an intriguing journey; one that gives nods to post-punk, psychedelia, post-rock and more experimental styles, all the while sounding totally unique. It's both epic and powerful, pounding its message home.

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