Sunday 30 March 2014

Summer Heart - U Got All I'm Looking 4

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In homage to the track-title, I'm going to conduct this whole review using only the communicative medium that is text speak, K? Get dialled in readers, here we go!

......So it turns out that, now I think about it, I actually don’t know any text speak... no wonder all my messages are biblical in length! They're very well punctuated though (Really? - Overworked Ed) - indeed since switching to a Smartphone barely a single message of mine sets off into the ether without a healthy littering of accidental full stops and out of place commas! It's not all bad though, on the plus side there's always the surging sense of exhilaration when, after ten minutes of puzzled prodding at the on screen keypad, I actually manage to locate the ampersand – YES, THAT'S WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!

Just how efficient David Alexander's SMS composition skills are, we do not know, but he certainly knows how to put together a tune, and that’s something that he's been doing with great frequency throughout the past three years, crafting sparkling selections of gold leaf chillwave, under his assumed calling card Summer Heart.

‘U Got All I’m looking 4’ (presumably a reference to matters of the heart, rather than the eureka moment when you're reacquainted with the hiding semi colon) is David’s latest offering, the first since last June’s ‘Milano’ and ‘Beat Of Your Heart’ pairing, and a taster for what’s to come from a second album proper, the as yet unnamed follow up to 2012's excellent 'About A Feeling'. It’s a return to the fold that finds the Swede ploughing a familiar furrow, bestowing on us more of his blissful sun-splashed vibes, in hazy and lovingly lazy style. A ding-a-ling guitar line chugs in on board a conga drum-style back-beat, before the "chill" connotations of Summer Heart's chosen genre are well and truly banished by the blast of warm melodic air that ushers in the body of track. From there what unfolds is perhaps David's most conventional pop effort to date, helped in no small part by also being home to arguably his strongest vocal performance. Shimmering and chiming, bouncing and gliding, this is exactly the kind of bright, evocative creation we've come to know and love from Summer Heart, and an essential audio accompaniment for those afternoons spent slurping an ice cream float while splayed out in the sunshine.

There's ("there are", not "there is" or "there's". *sigh* - Ed) not no (Uh... oh forget it - Ed) typing issues in this instance readers, the message is incredibly simple – Summer Heart's got all you’re looking for.

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