Monday 10 March 2014

The Diamond Age - I Might Just Be

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It's all a bit 2011 here: a dreampop duo making jangly, slightly lo-fi sounding guitar-pop that will recall bands like The Drums, Beach Fossils and so on. Yeah, we thought these were a dying breed, and in fact had pretty much stopped featuring them, because we were getting submissions from several new variations on the same theme every day. This pair from Southampton aren't offering anything new in terms of sound, but maybe the death of that particular scene was declared prematurely. Perhaps not all the new bands (they formed last summer) who are making such sounds are boringly derivative after all. Sure, it's taken a heck of a lot of passes before we found The Diamond Age, and they really are doing nothing new at all, but they sound pretty fab.

Their new single 'I Might Just Be' barely needs describing if you know the type of bands we're talking about, but for the uninitiated, you can expect a simple beat that hectically ticks away in the background while guitars chime in a distorted manner and the sound is filled out using effects. It sounds summery, it sounds melodic, and it sounds a bit DIY. For those of you who have moved on, then just stop for a couple of minutes and give it a go. There's a certain vigour and energy to what these guys are doing that eventually became lost with the identikit bands of a few years ago. Plus they're not talking about surfing or beaches or sand or any of the clich├ęs that abounded at the time. It sounds as though there's life to be found in this genre yet.

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