Monday 10 March 2014

Nolita View - Fall In

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At first a very enigmatic band, we managed to get hold of south London group Nolita View for a bit of a chat at the start of last month. So if you want to get all clued-up and hear some more of their tunes then those are the links to click on. In a refreshingly honest way, the band sent us through their new track with an email that proclaimed "self-promotion is a dirty old game". Oh yeah? Well it's not half a dirty as when you have a pushy PR company or manager taking care of such things for you, they're the bane of our lives here at The Sound Of Confusion. We really don't need a submission sent to every single email address thanks, oh, and expecting an album review two days after first sending it in would be pushing it a bit! We'd like to give it a good listen first! It's difficult to complain when people are keen to hear your views on their music though.

For what it's worth, and in the grand scheme of things, this is probably very little, the new one from Nolita View is a bit more upbeat than 'Bricks' or 'Islander', and although a faster tempo doesn't always mean a better song, there are enough other additions here to make this perhaps their best yet. Guitars get heavy use, and the high-pitched notes at the beginning ensure things get of on the right footing. This is quite relentless as well; it's hardly a barrage, but they don't let up and the slight pangs of desperation in the vocals make the whole thing seem more personal and real. You could argue that the complexities here are a little more than we've seen before too, so we won't be too surprised if the next press release lands in every inbox we have and is promptly followed up. Nolita View might need someone to take care of business if they continue their upward trajectory.

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Apr 05 Sebright Arms, London, UK
May 10 Hope & Anchor, London, UK

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