Monday 3 March 2014

Animali - The Alchemists

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If you like your bands to come boxfresh, then you should get on the case and give Animali a good listening to. The band formed in 2013 and this week they offer the world their first release: an EP titled 'The Spark, and Three Other Poorly-Produced Pieces of Music'. We'd argue that the French group are using a little self-depreciation here. Yes, the EP begins with a ten-minute odyssey called 'The Spark (Rick Was Wright)', but single 'The Alchemists' could hardly be described as "poorly-produced". We're assuming (well, it's blatantly obvious really) that the led-track is a tribute to Pink Floyd's Rick Wright, and that may give you an indication of the sound of the band. Those who are familiar with the early songs that Wright wrote for Pink Floyd will know that his slightly idiosyncratic style wasn't too far away from that of Syd Barrett, and the influence comes through on this particular song.

You'll probably be thinking that this is just yet another psych band, and to a certain extent that's true, but the style that Animali go for has more in common with the likes of Grandaddy and The Flaming Lips (when they go for songs instead of strange soundscapes), and at an accessible length of just under five minutes, this tune is the ideal introduction to the band. The closest current comparison to where they're at with this one is perhaps the last Yeti Lane album; that was pretty awesome and this isn't far behind it. Electrical effects bubble away and occasional breaks allow the song to float that bit higher. Really, for a debut release this is remarkably well-made, and very well produced. If this is how good they are already, then give them a year or two and maybe they'll be presenting us with their own rival to 'The Sophtware Slump', 'The Echo Show' or 'The Soft Bulletin'.

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