Tuesday 18 March 2014

VIDEO PREMIERE! Ten Ton Man - Fine Line

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

Enigmatic New York group Ten Ton Man only add to thier mysterious quality with this new video for 'Fine Line'. Taken from forthcoming EP 'Chunk Of Change', the film finds the trio (who to make things ever more unusual are all called Paul) performing in a dimly-lit dive and features famed burlesque dancer Dirty Martini. Given this and their other songs, they seem like the kind of guys who have a story or two to tell, and their style lends itself to even more intrigue. A bluesy, almost rootsy form of Americana that will sit nicely in your collection next to Tom Waits or Grinderman, it's not just the visuals that provide the atmosphere.

Muically these three men make use of conventional "rock" instruments and also dip into the past with more acoustic instruments such as a double bass. Cinematic in its ambience, 'Fine Line' is part Western movie and part Tarantino in its sinister undertones. It sounds as though there are more members in the band than there actually are, and this will surely be down to their experience and their abilty to turn their hand to songcraft and arrangements; just listen a bit closer, there's more detail here than you might first think. Dark, dirty, dangerous and suggestive, the perfect match has been made between the visuals and the song. We'd throw some change into their hat if we caught them out busking, although they'd probably be in the part of town our Mums told us to avoid...

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