Sunday 23 March 2014

Artist To Check Out: Lost Boy?

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Lost Boy? has released a collection of covers, aptly titled 'Covers'. Lost Boy? is one guy, Davey Jones from Long Island, who writes and records songs and then plays live with a full band and Lost Boy? is frankly a pleasure; it's heavy and the songwriting is often perfect. There is a nineties thing going on, which obviously has current appeal, but it's really well done and the songs are great, and I'm the right age to be a sucker for nineties nostalgia. The imagery is all stuff from MTV and early nineties pop culture. Alternative, punk, garage, grunge, lo-fi; I'm sure all of these get used to talk about Lost Boy?: Pixies, The Breeders, Neil Young, The Ramones.

He's a good guitarist and has a great pop sensibility. The guy's voice is super high, the recording is all very do-it-yourself; lo fi, fuzzed-out. Davey Jones plays all instruments on the tracks and has a band for playing live. This guy is getting written up a lot and he's been putting out material steadily for years and at this point maybe he doesn't need me to write about him. 'MTV' and 'USA USA' are the two full-lengths, then there's live material and demos and EPs and whatever. 'She's a Highlight' is a great song, 'USA' is great too, and so is 'Chew'.

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