Friday 21 March 2014

Tilapia - Insteelworks

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Back in January we were introduced to the wonderful world of Tilapia via their debut EP 'Rawshank'. In light of the impending release of the South London four-piece's follow-up EP 'School' (out on April 7th through Disorder Records), we are very happy to premier 'Insteelworks', the first track to be revealed from the new EP. Available as a free download.

'Insteelworks' is almost three-minutes of dreamy indie-rock with shimmery synth/bass, nostalgic guitar riffs, and eclectic vocals that move from being typically 'indie' to conjuring up similarities between the distinctive gruff, urgent, throaty, theatrical vocals familiar to Tim Kasher (think Cursive tracks like 'The Gentleman Caller') and then reaching the other end of the spectrum with childlike high whispers reminiscent of Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria). This is a vibrant track full of variety that has your heart pulsating in sync with the discreet chugging of the drum beats. A blinding effort from an exciting act that should see Tilapia (presumably named after the freshwater fish) swim their way through the music scene in no time, leaving nothing but the joyous ripples of new fans in their wake.

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