Tuesday 4 March 2014

The Machine Room - Chances

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

It's been an age since we last featured Edinburgh quintet The Machine Room, over two years in fact and their 'Love From A Distance' EP. It's not that they've been idle in that time, just one of those strange instances where they somehow evaded our radar, but have now reappeared on it with a bang. With a new EP, 'Sweden', out on the 17th, the "skygazers" have this week released the track 'Chances' as a single. It seems like they've been working on new material for a while and previewed much of it last year at a series of well-received gigs. It's interesting they use the term "skygazers" to describe themselves, as anyone in the UK will know that we've just experienced the best view of the Northern Lights for many years, especially up in Scotland.

'Chances' does have that same slightly magical quality to it, starting out as though it's standard indie-rock fare, but then entering a more mysterious realm thanks to the vocals and effects they use. You will have guessed that there's a shoegaze influence, and it's safe to say you guessed right. In fact it may well be this aspect that lifts them above many bands with a similar set-up. They're breaking down the wall between ambitious indie music and the dreamy sounds that so many other bands are creating, and in doing so they've managed to find a little niche all of their own. Not different enough to warrant a new genre, but not similar enough to just fade into the pack. It's us who should have been gazing, then maybe we wouldn't have missed out on two years worth of fine music.

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