Friday 7 March 2014

Mythological Horses - Cold Hearts

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The world has been lacking a band called Mythological Horses, it's probably a name you'll either love or hate, but I'm having it for sure. The world has possibly been lacking bands from Alaska too, but that's easy for me to say being sat on the other side of the world. There may be many bands in Anchorage (home to these guys) and other places, but I can confidently say we don't hear much about them. What the world isn't lacking at the moment though, is bands who like to make scuzzy, '90s-sounding alt-rock that could have come straight from a college radio show from any part of that decade. We're writing about this type of stuff on an almost daily basis at the moment, but there's a reason for that. No one makes us write about anything, we choose to, and we choose to write about music that we like. So what that says is that there's a lot of slightly retro, grungy-type bands doing the rounds who are pretty good.

We'll stick Mythological Horses on that list. They're currently based in Seattle, a city which one suspects has more opportunities and is closer to other potential gigging sites. 'Cold Hearts' is from the band's new self-titled album, and given the description above, you'll have a rough idea of how it sounds, although it's more energetic and melodic that some bands who are going down a similar route. What's interesting to note about this song is that it manages to sound slightly geeky and stupid, and both of these qualities are usually an instant turn-off, but somehow they get away with it. Whether it's the scorching guitar or the non-stop blast of punky energy that they give out or a combination of both, it works like this and would probably not be as good presented in a different way. So these guys deserve respect for doing what a lot of other bands are doing, adding some inadvisable elements, and still managing to be better than most. Weird, but quite awesome.

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