Saturday 8 March 2014

We The Dead - Let Me Be

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If you read any of the press blurb about Manchester/London quartet We The Dead whilst listening to this track off their new EP 'Victor', it's clear to see why they've gained exposure through Steve Lamacq, NME, Clash magazine and XFM, because they have the sound of the classic indie-rock bands that all of the above have championed for years. This will naturally mean they don't have the most individual sound you will have heard for a while, but the amount of support should tell you that they take their genre and they do it well. With new EP 'Victor' out on Monday, anyone who likes their guitar music to come with a bit of punch but not much in the way of metal will find much to enjoy.

Just because their style isn't brand new, that doesn't mean that they haven't added their own twist to things. Admittedly, a lot of bands use synths and electronics, but the great thing about 'Let Me Be' is that it isn't trying to be something it's not. These slight effects are there to enhance the song; to bolster it and add more depth, and they succeed in doing so. Besides that, we're looking at verse/chorus indie music, but minus the trying-too-hard-to-be-hip aspects such as lo-fi recording techniques and so on. We The Dead want to make their music sound as good as they can, and on the strength of this, it's difficult to see how they could have done so without the use of unsavoury faux-anthemic stadium flourishes, and there's no sign of any of that nonsense, so they get a thumbs up here.

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