Saturday 29 March 2014

Kubalove - All I Want

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*Looks out of window* Woohoo Sunshine!! I’ve been waiting for you, Summer, let's get this thing going! *pulls on shorts and t-shirt, digs out sunglasses and runs outside.....*

.....*runs back inside* It's expletive expletive expletive freezing out there!!! Honestly readers, it's not even funny how cold it is outside, it's almost April for god's sake, it's meant to be flowers and birds and warm breezes, not squirrels building igloos and snowmen tipping their hat as they stroll by! *sulks* 

Ok I may have exaggerated a tad there, but nonetheless the air outside is still shiver-inducing enough to make venturing over the doorstep an unattractive proposition. Inside however, it's a whole different story, because the temperature round these parts has just rocketed up to stiflingly steamy after a three minute rendezvous with London electro pop practitioner Kubalove and her latest video 'All I Want'.

Guaranteed to rapidly bring a crimson hue to the cheeks of those raised with more innocent eyes, this suggestive slice of short cinema has already been dubbed one of the sexiest videos of the year, but before you all go rushing down the page to click the little triangle inside a square, at least give us a moment to mention what tends to be our primary concern here at The Sound Of Confusion - that being not the visuals, but the all important music that it accompanies, and we're pleased to report that, much like its video; 'All I Want' the tune knows a thing or two about how to be seductive.

Constructed on the back of a steadily throbbing and buzzing base line, this is synthpop that adheres diligently to the genres original early eighties ethos; drumbeats echo with a regimented snap, flourishes are sparse and galactic in nature, and even when Kubalove "la la la la loves" her way through the chorus, it's done less with the pretence of a pop princess and more with the type of detached demeanour that typified Depeche Mode et al. in their formative years. Twists and turns are few, but it's that simplicity that works to the track's advantage, intensifying the sense of single-mindedness that infuses the prevailing mood and narrative.

Sex sells so the say, but so does a good product. That's what Kubalove's got, all she wants now readers is your love.

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