Friday 7 March 2014

Papercuts - Still Knocking At The Door

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Papercuts is another one of those artists that we wish we'd known about earlier. New album 'Live Among The Savages' will be his fifth release, with early material coming to us via Sub Pop; always a good stamp of approval, and this new album being released at the start of May on the also ever-dependable Memphis Industries label. In essence, this is the solo project of Californian singer/songwriter/producer Jason Quever, with a little help from a few friends, and the reports of this album's completion suggest he's fairly prolific as a writer, having spent two years working away and whittling down all the material he had into an album-sized chunk, so that may suggest that there will be the odd bonus track or B-side floating around too. Its first single 'Still Knocking At The Door' is good one anyway.

We'll have to take his word for it that this album will be his most detailed production yet, but it's not a challenge to believe that. This track has plenty of detail and is awash with instrumentation that somehow sounds like The Beatles collaborating with Spiritualized. There are pop melodies here and the song is easy to listen to, but it's not a party tune by any means. There's a baroque feel to the strings and the seeming ease in which the sections and layers of the song gel does recall the Fab Four, but there's also the orchestral and production detail that has characterised the more accessible Spiritualized tracks. To be honest we can think of some bands it would be worse to be compared to, and these would include most bands. Ever. So Papercuts is doing something right, and we await more.

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