Wednesday 5 March 2014

Y LUV - Jacques Cousteau

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Indie-pop four-piece Y LUV may be from LA but there's something very Brit-rock that lies within their latest track 'Jacques Cousteau'. With fuzzy guitar and basslines, '80s-style synth, distinctive vocals and intriguing harmonies, 'Jacques Cousteau' is an anthemic-rock-meets-dance-punk number that explores so many sporadic tempo changes that its first listen is like being blindly teased and coerced through a trippy adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster ride; you're not sure when it's going to spin, change direction, speed up, slow down, creep up high or make a sharp descent.

On the track itself, frontman Freddy Janney states “The song is about letting your fear push you to the point of being unafraid”, a theme that is very much reflected not only in the lyricism but in the way these guys have played around with the sound and introduced many different, unexpected, fierce stylings to make sure you are well and truly kept on your toes. A strong track from an exciting new act whose two simple words of “stay fluffy” in their Facebook bio had us humoured as well as sonically satisfied from the get-go.

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