Sunday 30 March 2014

Michael Lynch - She's On Her Way

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With a combined running time of just under four minutes, you can tell it's unlikely that New York artist Michael Lynch will be wasting no time on these two songs. This is affirmed by the fact that the intro to 'She's On Her Way' lasts a whopping two seconds before he launches into the first verse. To summarise the sound of this track you simply have to imagine an early Byrds off-cut, and that's not to say this is below par. It's often the songs that don't get released at the time that turn out to be a band's best work. The wealth of Phil Spector material that's appeared on compilations and boxsets is proof of this. How these were left on the cutting room floor is baffling. So the Byrds comparison is an accurate one and the song is worthy of gracing one of their first albums.

Of course this means a '60s sound with jangly guitars and plenty of melody. There's a touch of soul as well, and that is pulled from the same era. This is traditional garage-pop that fans of indie-type guitar music have been using as reference points since the 1980s. B-side 'This Girl' deserves equal billing; it may be slower in pace and not quite as happy, but the sunny jangle still holds up well. In fact, if you knew no better you'd happily believe that this was a cover of an early Lennon/McCartney song, it's very much in that style. With this single, Michael Lynch gives us something old (in style), something new (in recording), something borrowed (the sound as a whole) and something blue (the sadness of 'This Girl'), and we'd have to say the marriage of these aspects makes for a fine listen.

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