Monday 31 March 2014

Chartburst: An Amazing Opportunity For New & Unsigned Bands!

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We're really pleased to have been asked to help out with a new, game-changing platform for unsigned acts. Chartburst is totally FREE to sign up to, is for musicians of any genre, and puts you in contact with major labels, big independent labels, A&R people, producers and more. The list of advisers and contributors is mightily impressive. The best part of all? It's totally powered by the fans! So who does well and tops the charts and gets the showcases isn't decided by middle-aged men in suits - it's decided by you! No tricks; you can't buy votes, it's a totally level playing field for everyone who signs up! So head to the site, read through some of the 'Essentials' section which will help you with advice on doing well, upload your best songs, videos, pictures and link in all your sites. The charts begin on April 1st, and if you do well then you're guaranteed to get heard by influential people! So get creating those profiles! It only takes a few minutes and is totally free! Good luck!

Chartburst's website

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