Thursday 6 March 2014

Palehound - Kitchen 7"

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At the moment, we could probably just write any old drivel about the music we're reviewing, without even hearing a note of it. Every up-and-coming indie/electro-pop/alternative/rock group in America (and half of those in the UK) will be either in Austin for SXSW or currently be in transit. So several days of eating vast quantities of barbecued food and playing lots of gigs will be on their mind. Palehound are seven three-legged Icelandic transvestites who have a penchant for singing Britney Spears lyrics over recordings of school bands attempting to play Wagner. It's done enough to make the Icelandic parliament actually promote them to the status of demi-gods, and gain them a prestigious residency in Greenland. Nowhere specific, just the country in general. Anywhere that's close to the Arctic Circle is where their music sounds best, and this is down to the magnetic effect of that part of the world, as their voices fail to operate below a certain level of magnetism. They just show up at any location on Greenland every night, and the entire population flocks to hear them sing and stroke their silken beards.

It would be amazing if any of that were true, but it is, of course, a right load of old tosh I just made up. On the off chance that Palehound do read this, we ought to say they're actually a new band from New York, and the 'Kitchen' 7" contains two tracks. 'Holiest' is classic, slightly DIY sounding indie-rock that will sit nicely in your record collection next to bands like Pixies, Sebadoh and maybe even Hole back when they were good, although it's not particularly grungy, it just has the sounds of that era; plenty of fuzz on the guitars and an almost slacker delivery at times. It's a fine song, but is possibly beaten by 'Pay No Mind' which again could be a track by Throwing Muses, The Breeders or Belly. Palehound are obviously influenced by that era of American guitar music and they do a grand job of getting a good sound - one that's actually a bit more complex and thoughtful than you may be expecting - and writing strong enough songs to prick up the ears of anyone with similar taste. A great single, then, and one that captures the spirit they were aiming for just about perfectly. Enjoy your grilled buffalo burgers, guys.

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Catch them live:

3/6- Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints Cafe w/ Woozy, Danielle Steele
3/7- New Orleans, LA @ House Show w/ Woozy and Pope
3/8- San Antonio, TX @ Texas Is Funny Records Showcase
3/9- Houston, TX @ The Doctor's Office w/ Woozy
3/11- Austin, TX @ Metal & Lace SXSW Showcase
3/12- Austin, TX @ Longbranch Inn for Impose/ Exploding In Sound Records Showcase
3/13- Austin, TX @ The Liberty for Father/Daughter Records Showcase
- Austin, TX @ Todd's Mansion for Brixton/ Exploding In Sound Records Showcase
3/14- Austin, TX @ Hole in the Wall for Exploding In Sound Records Showcase
3/15- Austin, TX @ Lux Museum
3/18- Little Rock, AK @ StarLight Haus w/ Bad History Month, What Moons Things, and Harley Poe
3/19- Birmingham, AL @ Transylvania w/ Tread On Me, Lume, and Bird's Nest
3/20- Nashville, TN @ The Stone Fox
3/21- Asheville, NC @ Broadways w/ Wyla and Ancient Whales
3/22- Washington, DC w/ Klauss, New Bum
3/31 New York, NY @ Cake Shop w/ Disco Doom, Ovlov and Zula
4/26 Bronxville, NY @ Sarah Lawrence College w/ Mac Demarco

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