Thursday 13 March 2014

Travel Check - 66$

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France continues to impress not only with its electronica scene (long considered one of the finest in the world) but also with a decent amount of quality shoegaze and garage bands too. It's the latter that we're dealing with when it comes to Travel Check. The Parisian quartet have been around since 2011 and have recently released a new EP called '66$'. It's one of those records that transcends time; it could be from just about any period since the mid 1970s (the punky apect probably stops it being mistaken for anything earlier), and like many of those bands, the title-track is all about the tune and the feel of the song, not the glossy production and inch-perfect performance. This feels slightly raw and all the better for it, it would've sounded great on a 45 a few dacades ago, and it sounds great in digital format now.

With brisk guitars and a rhythm section that could be borrowed from the beginnings of the indie movement around the same time, Travel Check launch into this track knowing exactly what they want and exactly how to achieve it. It's a non-stop bop through some ragged sounds, neat melodies and the odd guitar break thrown in. With music of this variety you have to be careful with aspects such as that, and they are; the guitar is a big highlight here so we're hoping they stick with it. You won't find innovation, but if you want some fantastic two-minute (almost to the dot) guitar thrills then you've come to the right place. '66$' will more than meet your needs.

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