Friday 7 March 2014

Wonderland - Far Away/Alabama

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It's funny how every now and then a certain city or even country will just burst out and throw a whole bunch of great bands in your direction. Most towns and cities will have good bands of course, but on occasion there seems to be some kind of synchronicity and everything flows better somehow. Yes, these can be media creations, NME is famed for being able to invent a scene from practically nothing, and it's usually the brainchild of some young journalist who wants to make a name for themselves by coining a phrase or inventing a genre name. We're making nothing up when we say that Copenhagen is offering more than most places at the moment, and this isn't just down to the fact that our man in Sweden crosses the bridge into Denmark every day and discovers these bands. More and more are just appearing in our inbox, and standing head and shoulders above a lot else. Wonderland are one such band.

The quartet formed in 2012 and this new 7" single isn't just a decent A-side and then something to fill the space. 'Far Away' starts with a flash of Inspiral Carpets' organ and then surges its way through a psych/powerpop tune that has elements of some '60s bands, some of the more retro Britpop pack, and a good dose of insatiable energy. It's like someone's laced their acid with caffeine. It's a blistering number that hits the target on first play and is difficult not to love. 'Alabama' doesn't want to be outdone though, and it isn't. If anything, this is perhaps the best of the two, starting out at a less hectic pace, the dreamy intro is introspective and you just know that its leading somewhere; this isn't all you're going to get. Just after a minute passes, a steady build begins, once more it's highly melodic and will have you thinking of the '60s oriented Britpop bands, but once more, it's a challenge not to end up loving this one too. Wonderland, Wonderland Copenhagen...

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