Wednesday 5 March 2014

Five For Free #269

Pastel Colours - She Can't Decide

It's not just us, the world seems to be falling in love with clattery garage-psych tunes, and Falmouth newcomers Pastel Colours have got the sound just about perfected. Following debut release 'Hands Like Silk' in January, the guys have another tune ready for us as the next instalment of Art Is Hard's Pizza Club. 'She Can't Decide' bears all the hallmarks of the classics of its genre.

Pastel Colours' website

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Catch them live:

SUN 09 MAR The Lock Tavern, London, UK
MON 21 APR Cavern Club, Exeter, UK

Metal Mother - Mind_Off

Oakland's Metal Mother, AKA Taara Tati, has a new album, 'IONIKA', out now, and from it is the rather fabulous experimental alt-pop of single 'Mind_Off', a track that is comprised of many layers of sound and plenty of attention to detail. From the beats that will rattle your bones to the varying vocal styles, it's complex, individual and a top listen.

Metal Mother's website

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linea aspera - Violet Blur

Want some details about linea aspera? Well, good luck finding them, and if you do then give us a shout. There's a UK electronic band of the same name, but the one we're featuring here is a guy called Jason from Chicago who doesn't seem to have any web presence barring a SoundCloud page. Still, it's full of dreamy, indie-type soundscapes like the chiming 'Violet Blur'.

linea aspera's website

Flagland - Sugarcube

Last week we saw fit to include a track from the new Flagland album 'Love Hard' in our 'Out This Week' section. Why? Because it was a splendid little blast of scuzzy alt-rock that harked back to some of the greats of the 1990s. Well if you want some more to try before you buy, then you can download the energetic and catchy 'Sugarcube' for free.

Free download: 'Sugarcube'

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Catch them live:

Mar 05 538 Johnson [Brooklyn]
Mar 07 Cameo Gallery [Brooklyn]
Mar 27 Shea Stadium [Brooklyn]

Mystery Twins - The River

Mystery Twins, as their name implies, are a duo based out of Nashville and they released their new album 'Ghost In The Ground' at the end of last year. Their sound incorporates modern alternative rock and more atmospheric sounds, along with classic indie and also the twang of early surf music and the cinematic quality of Western movie soundtracks. Check out 'The River'.

Download 'The River' for free by heading here

Mystery Twins' website

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Catch them live:

WED 19 MAR The Basement, Nashville, TN, US

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