Friday 28 March 2014

Sneak peak at Ummagma’s Lama Remixes LP

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Earlier we reviewed the double A-side single Ummagma released in December on Emerald & Doreen Recordings, with a fiery two thumbs up. The indiepop/nugaze duo has followed-up with a release that's nothing short of fantastic. This 8-track LP won't be out until early May, but our ear-buds are already savouring this output. Ummagma has made its mark over the past two years as an band beyond boundaries, mixing multiple genres in delicious new ways and with a video collection just as intriguing. Like this cluster of visuals which were put together by an international line-up of video-makers, this latest LP brings to the forefront a spangled roster of producers and artists from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Brazil and Russia. Many of them are not directly connected to genres like dreampop, shoegaze or noise rock, launching Ummagma into new beautiful territory.

Take Alexander Robotnick for instance, Italy's original electro/new-wave pioneer. He delivers a spaced-out, chilled remix. Sweden's Copycat wows with synth work à la Giorgio Moroder, cleverly meshing disco with My Bloody Valentine-style vocals and guitars. Germany's Theatre of Delays blew us away with a powerful emo house version of Ummagma's 'Lama'. Irregular Disco Workers add some severe '80s mood and '90s acid feel. Already with a Stereolab feel from the outset, go nogo take 'Lama' deeper into this territory, blending driving beats with ripe '90s-style indiepop.

Finally we find ourselves under the influence of Brazil's Mind Movies, who make this track do back-flips with a winding mechanical breakbeat and synth-pop bombshell. Moscow's Sounds of Sputnik delivers something completely novel, blending influences from four decades – from '70s psychedelic to '80s synth-joy, '90s indie and even 2000s electro wonder. With a song like 'Lama' in focus, Emerald & Doreen couldn't have gone wrong with this release. It was a 200% safe bet for this eclectically diverse remix potpourri. For now, here's a preview for you:

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