Wednesday 12 March 2014

Illitry - Follow Me

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With each passing release, Canadians Illitry seem to get slightly more experimental, and we don't mean in a self-indulgent, unlistenable way. Just a few weeks on from free track 'Kingdom Perverted', the group have released new single 'Follow Me', a song which they describe as being "deceptively danceable". Due to not wishing to look like an idiot (my dancing skills leave a lot to be desired) I haven't put this to the test, but if you listen - and you almost have to listen between the lines if you get what I mean - it's pretty clear they're right on that one. This doesn't appear to be a dance track at all on the surface, but those jittery beats could easily get you moving.

Broadly speaking this is an alt-rock/indie song, but one that's thoroughly modern in sound. Illitry have always sounded as though they want to carve their own space in the world of music, and they seem to be doing so. There can be comparisons made; the band themselves mention Alt-J and Cvrches, and all three share this same approach of not wishing to follow others too closely. If your musical taste generally steers towards more conventional sounds than those described here, then you can be safe in the knowledge that, while experimental, this is still a pop song and you can even sing along. Illitry manage to cover a fair few bases on this one, and the guitar solo is pretty great. They're going from strength to strength right now,

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