Saturday 8 March 2014


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"Have you met ALBERT?" is the question asked by Swedish four-piece ALBERT on their Facebook page. Well, no, not personally. Are they related to British indie-folk group Alfie? Or how about English trio Arnold? Probably a "no" on both counts, but at least we've met their music, so that's a start. Formed last year, the band are soon to release their debut album and the lead single is called 'Lux'. The video is another puzzler, something which seems to be the order of the day at the moment, and it involves children picking on someone using water balloons, a lumberjack in a forest (always good to make use of Sweden's stunning natural habitat - or at least we assume it was filmed there) who is found chopping down a tree by a mysterious figure who follows a system of strings, maybe put in place so the lumberjack can find his way home safely. It's very weird, and that's without mentioning the rather angry woman who throws a table of food across the room.

I'm sure it'll all make sense to some of you, film has never been my strong point. To throw in a cliché, 'Lux' sounds incredibly accomplished for a band who've only been together for a year. The production and arrangements are just about perfect, and the standard of writing sounds as though it was penned by someone with plenty of experience. But maybe it was; the history of each member before the formation of ALBERT is something we can't tell you anything about. It's a powerful song though, and one that, despite being an "indie"-type song, has definite commercial potential. In fact, if you take all the boring bands who've enjoyed inexplicable success in the last couple of decades (we're talking the Travis and Keanes of this world), and made them a more of a force to be reckoned with, and gave them plenty of guts and a bit more imagination, then the result would be something much more rewarding, kind of like ALBERT really. Nice to meet you, guys.

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