Thursday 1 May 2014

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Some Of Our Favourite Acts On Chartburst!

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It's set to be an exciting month as things ramp-up on fan-powered music treasure trove and discovery site Chartburst! Lots of The Sound Of Confusion's favourite unsigned and self-released acts are signed up and will be entering the charts in the next day or so, with the top three from each chart at the end of the month earning themselves the chance to be heard by highly influential labels, producers, A&R and other people who could boost their career! It's FREE for any band who are not under contract to sign up to Chartburst and get themselves heard by music fans and industry professionals alike, so if you're in a band, then what are you waiting for?

Amongst the excellent bands and artists that you'll be able to vote for and support are many we've covered heavily in the past. You'll need to register an email address to vote, and this is simply so you can't register repeat votes - it's all done fair and square! And you definitely won't be receiving any spam or anything like that, registration just takes a second. Here are a few to check out, but the next few days will see many more being added, so browse the charts, the "Explore" and "Discover" sections, and let's see if we can get some decent music the big break it deserves! If you see a "thumbs up" symbol it means you can like the track, it you see the all important "V" then it means that song is in the chart and needs your vote!

Vote for Sad Day For Puppets (Check out their profile)

Christine Leakey's profile

The Incredible Flight Of Birdman's profile

Colour Of Bone's profile

Georgian Watersprofile

HUSH!'s profile

Documenta's profile

Tom Lugo's profile

Windmill's profile

Please give them your support! Not only that, but have a look around the site, pick a genre you like and you'll find LOADS in the "Explore" section, so it's an excellent way of discovering some new music - and there will be a LOT more to come!

Chartburst's website

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