Tuesday, 1 July 2014

VIDEO PREMIERE: Emily Capell - Who Killed Smiley Culture?

Single review by KevW for www.soundsxp.com

Unique talents are hard to come by in popular music; find someone who's one of a kind and, assuming they're good, you could be on to a winner. So step forward North London's Emily Capell. Not only does she have a diverse range of influences, her music encompasses a diverse range of styles and even attitudes. Dressed as though she's the cute singer of a '60s girl group, armed with an acoustic guitar and a tough attitude but also a sense of humour, Capell shows us that a simple guitar and voice can still be used in new ways.

Lead track 'Who Killed Smiley Culture?' is a dark song musically, but that sweet voice is always going to lighten it, even if some lyrics are a little sinister. The confidence in which she plucks a simple folk tune from her six-string, combines it with lyrics that could be spat over a hip-hop track, all with a strong punk undertone is truly something to behold, and is especially effective with the video which allows us a glimpse inside her world and helps ensure that everything makes sense. 'Plastic' is just slightly more conventional, but it's still carried out with conviction and some superb lyrics. Emily Capell is probably the artist that Lily Allen wishes she was; alternative, witty, current and fresh. Forgive me for getting excited, but I think a wonderful new talent has just arrived.

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July 2  LONDON Water Rats
July 18  LONDON The Islington
July 29  LONDON Alleycat

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