Tuesday 1 July 2014

Chartburst Podcast July 2014

If you follow The Sound Of Confusion then you'll have heard us mention exciting new music site Chartburst on many occasions lately. You can find out more by checking our previous article, or alternatively by listening to our podcast where we'll be playing tracks from some of the fine acts you can find on the site, as well as giving you a bit of info on how it all works and why you should be using it! Links to the profiles of the bands included are posted below the stream. Feel free to share, spread the word, embed the stream on your site, and excuse the dodgy mic! Enjoy!

Chartburst's website

Georgian Waters' profile
Tijuana Bibles' profile
Flora Tropics' profile
Crash The Lights' profile
Sad Day For Puppets' profile
Lesley Ryland's profile
The Incredible Flight Of Birdman's profile
HUSH!'s profile
Brockley Forest's profile
Windmill's profile
Colour Of Bone's profile
Ummagma's profile

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