Sunday 27 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! The Sunday Reeds - Jean-Luc

Single review by KevW

Not being much of a movie person, I can only say I recognise the names. However, the film buffs amongst you might be able to garner a little more information from the fact that "Jean-Luc is about the tumultuous relationship between French New Wave film director Jean-Luc Godard and actress Anna Karina". One would assume that, with all the talk of guns and the fact that the EP from which the track is taken is called 'Amour Tragique', that the relationship may have been a bit tumultuous. Melbourne group The Sunday Reeds are putting this tune out as the first from the EP, which is set for release on August 1st. Originally formed as a duo back in 2009, they soon expanded to a trio and this has served them well.

There's a slightly unusual juxtaposition about 'Jean-Luc' and their music in general, one that traditionally comes from more of a band set-up than a pairing. With a bassline and atmosphere borrowed straight from post-punk, the addition of heaps of guitar - the kind that could have graced a rougher '70s rock number - prevents the song from falling into the seemingly bottomless pit of post-rock and new-wave that seems intent on taking over the world. So having a signature sound like this could be the making of them. Plus, they manage to maintain a certain elusive coolness whilst allowing musical proficiency the space to wow fans who know their way around a fretboard. A dark gem, but with a few surprises in store.

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