Tuesday 15 July 2014

Artist To Check Out: Cålmdown (cålm↓)

Based in Berlin, Cålmdown (or cålm↓ if you prefer) is the one-woman project of Greek-born musician and artist Elisa. Head to her website and you'll find live photos that show Cålmdown in charge of keyboards, computers, a microphone and more. But it's not just these complex and wholly individual compositions that she takes care of; as well as the writing, recording, production, vocals and instrumentation, Elisa also creates the artwork for and manufactures handmade CDs. Put simply, she's one multi-talented lady. It's the overall songs that are the focus though, and these seem to defy form and convention quite freely, with a plethora of different beats used throughout her work which is at times overwhelmingly ethereal and imaginative. The gloriously distant and twinkling 'We Will Win Darling' doesn't really compare to anyone else and doesn't fall easily into any category.It's uncommon to find an artist who is just that: creative, talented, and existing in her own space. Some experimental music can be a difficult listen at first, but it's easy to fall for Cålmdown. She's already wowed the Chartburst chart, so check out Kev's review and head to her profile for more info.

Cålmdown's website

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