Friday 25 July 2014

Let It Flow 4: Free MP3 Playlist, 25th July 2014 - 7 Days, 7 Downloads!

Here are the best free downloads to land in our inbox this week. For a continuous playlist, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Anto Dust - Traitor's Gate

London dreampoppers Anto Dust kick-off this week's freebies with 'Traitor's Gate', a "psychedelic ballad" that follows on nicely from the relaxed wonder of recent single '1955' and is once again pure floaty escapism. The good news is that this time the track arrives in the middle of glorious sunshine, not the worst storm in years: a far more fitting environment.

Anto Dust's website

Luckless - When You Asked her To Stay

Providing us with a more upbeat tune to celebrate the (possibly) fleeting moments of glorious weather with are New Zealand band Luckless. OK, so it may be winter there, but they can be safe in the knowledge that single 'When You Asked Her To Stay' is just the kind of indie-rock with a pinch of electro that sounds perfect for long sunny days. It's from their new album 'Vindication Blues', out now.

Download 'When You Asked Her To Stay' for free by heading here

Luckless' website

Buy the album

One Finger Riot - The Sea 

Less than a month on from recent free download 'Give Me A Drug That Works Forever', L.A. artist One Finger Riot releases his album 'The Sea' and simultaneously offers the title-track as another free download. Following less of an indiepop line with this track, 'The Sea' is a maudlin piece of lo-fi psych that's high on the melody front.

One Finger Riot's website

El Xicano - La Grande Paura

It's all turning a bit psychedelic this week. Perhaps the heat is getting to everyone. Facts on El Xicana then? Well, there probably are some, but none that we know of. We know not who they/he is or where he/they reside, or even if there are more songs. We think it's in Spanish though, or Italian. Maybe. Anyway, it's a lovely, twangy, trippy song that drifts right through you.

El Xicano's website

Pacific Horrific - You And I Alone

Dutch band Pacific Horrific are a bit more forthcoming on the information front, having just released their debut EP 'Vol. 1' of which each song is yours for nothing. We've picked out 'You And I Alone' for its modern take on mellow synth-pop that gradually transforms itself into a melee of fizzing guitars and energetic beats, traversing genres as it does so.

Pacific Horrific's website

Cokemosa - Finale

Specialising in lo-fi, experimental post-punk sounds is Chicago's Cokemosa who has a brace of songs streaming on his site, both for free. 'Finale' shows a clear Suicide influence and combines cluttered percussion with minimalist production and sharp guitar that wraps and contorts itself through the song. It'll be interesting to see where he goes.

Cokemosa's website

Field report - Wings

With their second album 'Marigolden' due out in October, US trio Field Report take us on a bit of a journey with new single 'Wings'. Beginning as a slightly gritty yet mellow Americana track, it soon starts to develop into an epic alt-rock song as it gradually builds into something that's more universal without ever even considering selling out.

Field Report's website

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