Friday 18 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! The Walking Who - With Roses

Single review by KevW

Following the success of the recent wave of psychedelic bands emerging from Australia, the trend seems to be to label every rock or guitar band that way, and that's what Sydney trio The Walking Who are being touted as, and there's a slight element of psych about new single 'With Roses', but really this is experimental indie music with a hint of Americana thrown in for good measure. However you want to tag it, it's undeniably very good and you can see why the band have been gaining some press attention since the release of their debut EP last year - although having formed in 2010, it's taken them a while to get to this point.

Never mind the stats though, when you can make music music of this quality and put your own slant on it, then you can take as long as you want and call it whatever you like; it's still going to make new fans flock to you on a daily basis. 'With Roses' sounds damn fine on first listen, but it also improves with each play; the spiralling guitar and stop/start shuffling beat drive the track, and both transform what could be a slow, more atmospheric number into an upbeat yet relaxed song with a certain haze running through it. It's the perfect combination for manufacturing guitar-pop that will defy boundaries and surely lead to many more plaudits in the future. Most definitely a band to start following.

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