Thursday 10 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! Superfood - Right On Satellite

Single review by KevW

Well, we've checked, and the website that The Sound Of Confusion's Scottish correspondent was raving about in his review of Superfood's recent single 'TV' hasn't changed. You can still take a trip back in time to the world of analogue teletext if you visit their internet home. As for the music; there's no huge shift in style from the Britpop-influenced sound of that track, but on 'Right On Satellite' they've gone one better. This is a better song, it's more memorable, more instant and also digs back a little further to bring in the vibe from some of the bands that pre-dated the Britpop movement.

Along with the powerpop of someone like Supergrass or Dodgy, perhaps fittingly given its name, 'Right On Satellite' takes in a little space-rock along the way, as well as having a nose around shoegaze. There's the faint echo of some of Ride's more poppy numbers and the guitar is flipping brilliant, lighting up the song. Stick that on top of a bouncing, shuffling rhythm section and you have something that's both accomplished and fun, alternative and catchy. Then there's the kind of chorus most bands would die for... it all adds up to just about a complete package. Superfood will indeed nourish your ears, and they're turning out to be one of our favourite new bands.

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Catch them live:

Jul 12 Kph, London, United Kingdom    
Jul 17 Undertone, Cardiff, United Kingdom  
Jul 18 AKA, Banbury, United Kingdom    
Jul 19 Truck Festival, Steventon, United Kingdom  
Jul 22 The Social, London, United Kingdom    
Jul 23 Jailhouse, Hereford, United Kingdom  
Jul 25 Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon, United Kingdom  
Jul 31 The Old Blue Last, London, United Kingdom  
Aug 01 Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, United Kingdom  
Aug 02 Leopallooza, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Aug 06 Black Heart, London, United Kingdom  
Sep 13 Shrewsbury Fields Festival, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom  
Sep 16 Lido, Berlin, Germany  
Sep 19 Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany

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