Monday 14 July 2014

Artist To Check Out: The Inkhearts

So often we find bands that began life as a solo project or a duo, before gradually accumulating members to forge a bigger, more complete sound. With West Lancashire's The Inkhearts it happened a bit differently. They formed in 2010 as teenagers and were a seven-strong collective, but since then they've slimmed down to a quartet, something which they say has enabled them to find their sound. That sound is one that could take them a long way. Taking indie/guitar music and tailoring it so that it can be loved by a more mainstream audience is nothing new, but where The Inkhearts come into their own is that they do this without having to water their music down or create what usually gets described as "landfill indie". 'Animal' for example, is a gritty, buzzing, rumbling number with that could be called alt-rock, but it has a wide appeal. Current single 'Keeping Up' goes one better by bringing in an irresistibly catchy and unavoidably big chorus to add to its generally melodic, high-tempo sound. We probably havn't heard the last of this lot, and their recent rampage over the indie chart on Chartburst is testament to that. Check out Nadine's review and head to their profile for more info.

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