Sunday 27 July 2014

Video Beast - Season's Greetings From Video Beast EP

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Video Beast: Queens grunge. Bizarre song titles, strange voiceovers, angsty lyrics, big drums, big aggressive, but still sort of wonky guitars. They just put out an EP, 'Seasons Greetings From Video Bitch', three songs. It is more than grunge though, it doesn't sound like it was made in 1992, i'ts contemporary, almost a spoof on grunge. There is a psychedelic-stoner thing happening too.

The vocal delivery is almost cartoonish, switching into fake voices and going back again, and jumping all over high and low. It seems like songs using humor to address serious things, in an off-color, irreverent way. The melodies are reminiscent of Nirvana songs. They are all upbeat headbangers. While a lot of it seems silly on the surface, if you actually listen, it's actually quite depressing! The album cover is the drummer Dave Weinstein with a fake beard and poop on him. Fabian Jimenez on guitar and vocals.

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Aug 15th - Palisades - Brooklyn
Aug 23rd - Mr Beerys - East Rockaway
Oct 31st - Halloween Show as Misfits

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