Saturday 5 July 2014

Tyrannosaurus Dead/Joanna Gruesome Split 7"

Single review by KevW

It usually helps if the two bands sharing a piece of vinyl are coming from roughly the same place musically, and that could definitely be said about this fitting marriage of Brighton's Tyrannosaurus Dead and Cardiff outfit Joanna Gruesome. Both bands offer careering scuzz-pop that's not afraid of the odd distortion pedal. Neither song is just about the style though, with both faring well in the actual tune stakes too - always a winning combination. Fans of the Welsh guitar-botherers will probably be aware of the calm-before-the-storm indiepop of 'Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers', a track that first appeared on their 'Weird Sister' album last year. The way it flows from soft vocals with a punky-shoegaze backing into a shouty, more abrasive chorus is a hurtling, melodic treat for the ears.

Tyrannosaurus Dead chip in with a brand new track produced by ex Test Icicles man Rory Attwell. 'Post Holiday Dead Song' starts with some neat guitar and then gets better. Again this sees soft vocals mingling with winding, buzzing guitar and doesn't scrimp on the melody front. It's a tricky one not to like, and this too occasionally bursts into something with a harder edge, but only momentarily. Underneath it all, this is simply a very good pop song, and one that shows the band have plenty left in the tank. So there's a definite similarity between the two tracks here, but both offer something that's well worthwhile, and if you like your music to come laden with guitars that are given a run for their money, plus enough hooks to open a coat hanger shop, then you're on to a winner here.

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