Monday 21 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! Black Bananas - Powder 8 Eeeeeeeeight

Single review by KevW

Wouldn't it be nice if every band was as unpretentious as Royal Trux spin-off Black Bananas? They admit to using "time-tested elements" and fusing together different sounds they find to recreate the ideas in their head, and what's more, they do it with confidence and give a knowing nod to their forerunners. The music on their new album 'Electric Brick Wall' isn't one-dimensional by any means; these guys are magpies who absorb different ideas and then twist them into their own shapes. Take lead single 'Physical Emotions', it's a track that uses plenty of retro electronic sounds and even elements of hip-hop to craft their experimental rock sound. It could even be a different band to that which made the opening track of the LP.

'Power 8 Eeeeeeeeight' is a totally different kettle of fish. Here they take the sounds of classic psychedelic rock; heaps of guitar that's nicely contorted for that trippy effect; a more classic rock formula and the same cocksure (but not arrogant) attitude and end up with a scorching electronic blow-out that is the reason why you bought those powerful speakers in the first place. Unlike many psych tracks, 'Power 8 Eeeeeeeeight' gets down to business right away with the no major introduction, merely a few seconds before it launches it's aural assault. We're not talking overblown and intolerably intense; this is controlled and cool and allows the guitars room to roam free despite the short duration. A teasing glimpse of their more eclectic leanings creeps in towards the end, but really this is pure and simple classic psych made for all the right reasons.

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Catch them live:

11-01 Lisbon, Portugal - ZDB
11-02 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Club
11-03 Dudingen, Sweden - Bad Bonn
11-04 Berlin, Germany - Kantine am Beghain
11-05 Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
11-06-07 Reykjavik, Iceland - Iceland Airwaves Festival
11-08 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paridiso Upstairs
11-09 Anvers, Belgium - Autumn Falls Festival @ Trix
11-10 Leeds, England - Brudenell
11-11 London, England - 100 Club
11-12 Paris, France - Point FMR
11-14 Pordenone, Italy - Pin Box Studio
11-15 Verone, Italy - Interzona

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