Saturday 26 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! I Heart The Monster Hero - Toni Bailey

Single review by KevW

With a name like I Heart The Monster Hero it's likely that you're already guessing that this Dublin band are purveyors of twee indiepop. Well, you're kind of right. They prefer to describe themselves with words including dance and psych thrown in as well, and this paints a more accurate picture. The quintet have just released their debut album 'Rhythm & Pals', and 'Toni Bailey' is a single from the aforementioned record. This song fits all of the above descriptions, but you can probably get rid of the whole twee thing, there's not much cutesy about this tune.

It is a hectic track though, one with a rampant beat and vintage electronics as a constant undercurrent, and on top of this is plenty of spangly guitar and some mildly distorted vocals that are also full of beans. You could dance to this indiepop; it's constant, never breaking down, and also seems to get more and more urgent as it progresses. The psychedelic side they speak of can also be detected, although you'd hardly compare it to most people's idea of what that word may describe in musical form. 'Toni Bailey' is moreish and catchy, and it could also appeal to a broad section of the listening public. Let's hope they get the chance to showcase their music as far afield as possible.

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