Friday 25 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! Jaws - Be Slowly

Single review by KevW

Have the mainstream music press stopped banging on about their made up "B-Town" movement yet? I stopped reading ages ago. Birmingham does indeed have a thriving music scene, but so to do many other places, so perhaps they've moved on to somewhere else in search of greater sales figures (last report, we were getting more hits than NME were selling copies, and that's really not very good). Jaws are a great band though, and if you want to tie them in with some kind of movement, or even make up a new one entirely then go for it, but just remember it's about the music, not where they're from or anything else. After covering a couple of stellar singles by them last year, Jaws have announced their debut album for a September release.

They've done so with another single: the title-track. 'Jaws' is perhaps the best they've served up so far; a massive pop song that's left frayed around the edges so that it feels comfortably worn and not like you've just taken the store tags off of it. This is uplifting guitar music with a strong hook and some nifty lead towards the end, all given a slightly scuzzy makeover so that those vocals echo a little and everything has an oddly distant feel. It's also so summery that it should probably be prescribed for SAD during the winter months and will probably boost your levels of vitamin D. Call it shoegaze, call it indie-pop, call it fuzz-rock, call it flipping B-Town if you must, but the only important thing to know is that this is a stunning track and one of the finest singles we've heard for a while.

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Catch them live:

25/07 Redfest, Redhill
26/07 Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield
08/08 Strawberry Fields, Heather
09/08 Beacons Festival, Skipton
10/08 Boardmasters, Newquay
15/09 The Haunt, Brighton
16/09 Exchange, Bristol
17/09 Bodega, Nottingham
18/09 McCluskys, Kingston
19/09 Garage, London
20/09 The Oobeleck, Birmingham
22/09 Deaf Institute, Manchester
23/09 Belgrave, Leeds
24/09 Think Tank, Newcastle
25/09 King Tuts, Glasgow
26/09 East Village Arts Centre, Liverpool

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