Friday 11 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! Pretty City - Roll On

Single review by KevW

Perhaps it's because we cover a lot of fuzz-rock and associated genres on the site, and therefore over the past few years word has spread so that more and more is finding its way to our ears, or could it be that there are simply more bands out there who are discovering the joys off walls of guitar and rows of effects pedals, maybe as a reaction to several years of Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons copyists yielding diminishing returns? Whichever, the good (well, just about seaworthy anyway) ship The Sound Of Confusion is swimming in submissions from such groups at the moment; if only there were a dozen more of us so that we were able to feature many more. As it stands, we find ourselves having to cherry-pick just the finest to write some excitable words about. Therefore, you can be quite sure already that this new single from Pretty City is up to scratch.

Australia is matching any other country for top new bands right now, and Melbourne seems to be the brightest of the hot spots, and this trio can be added to their roster of great talents. By coming up with the term "shoegrunge" to describe their sound, Pretty City have saved us a job, but along with the two genres hinted at there, you can throw in a heavy dose of deep psych that takes inspiration from Deep Purple and Cream, but modern contemporaries could be countrymen Tame Impala or perhaps The Black Angels. 'Roll On' has a god deal of clout to it, put it that way, and a scorching guitar solo to boot. This is alternative rock and it will suit sonic cosmonauts just fine, but those who like their rock to be more in the vein of classic bands of the '70s will also get a kick out of this tune. It's big, bold, weighty and reverberates around your cranium. Turn it up loud, but make sure that anything valuable is glued to the shelf; this could have the whole building quaking at a decent volume.

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