Monday 14 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! Faded Paper Figures - Spare Me

Single review by KevW

Have you ever stumbled upon a really good band ages after everyone else? With California-based group Faded Paper Figures that's exactly what's happened to us. Sure, they may not be a household name with platinum discs adorning the walls of their Hollywood mansions, but since 2008 they've released three albums and are currently gearing up for their fourth, 'Relics'. Off the back of new single 'Spare Me', it's not unfeasible to think that they do stand a chance of finding more fame than they currently have, although the fanbase they've built up in the past few years is not to be sniffed at.

Not for the first time lately, we're looking at a song in which you can detect traces of Metric about its chorus in particular, and this is in part due to the vocals of Heather Alden, but the indie-rock meets electronica styling of the song also leads to a similar comparison. The difference with Faded Paper Figures is that there's a slightly poppier edge to what they do, yet this is certainly not mainstream. If you take in a few analogue-sounding synths borrowed from Yeti Lane, you have a good approximation of the sound the band have woven together here; and this is a very complex and layered song, but with a big tune sat at the centre. There really is the potential for these guys to get much, much bigger.

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