Sunday 13 July 2014

Artist To Check Out: Stagnant Nebula

Delve into theories about the ancient civilisation and monuments of Egypt and you'll find many notions about how structures correlate to the stars or even how they may have been built by extra terrestrials, but the country isn't really known for its modern space program - if it even has one. Going by the name of Stagnant Nebula and having released the mini-album 'Songs From The Moon', it looks like Cairo's Omar El Kammar is, as the brains behind this musical adventure, heading for the cosmos with his music instead. Describing himself as a "bedroom cosmonaut", Stagnant Nebula makes a strange and otherworldly noise; one that fuses post-rock, shoegaze, dreampop and space-rock together, forming drones and distorted, slowed down lullabies (one song is even called 'Outro (Lullaby)') that are deeply expansive and atmospheric, and are abundant with a wealth of different instruments, electronics, samples and recording techniques. Having recently stormed the Chartburst chart, hopefully Stagnant Nebula can launch himself out of the Egyptian scene and spread his music a bit further around the globe. Check out Kev's review and head to his profile for more info.

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