Thursday 24 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! Immigrant Union - I Can't Return

Single review by KevW

As we discovered on their single 'Alison' from last summer, Immigrant Union consist of several well respected musicians from the mightily impressive Melbourne scene, and can count The Dandy Warhols' Brent DeBoer and The Lazy Sons' Bob Harrow amongst their ranks. Having decamped to the equally rich music centre of Portland to work on their debut full-length, they now return with new single, ironically titled 'I Can't Return'. Well they have returned, and we're extremely glad they did so as the second record promises to be worth plenty of your precious listening time, with DeBoer describing the sound as "Spiritualized being baptized in a warm bath of Creedence Clearwater."

Yeah, that sounds pretty good to us, so is the single up to scratch? You bet it is. Immigrant Union have taken a little of the woozy psych that Spiritualized have been known to tamper with on occasion and given it a more rootsy spin. This is expansive and breezy psychedelic Americana with a laid-back vocal and guitars that weave in and out of the loose-limbed rhythm section. The gentle hum of all these electronic instruments provides a comforting background noise that's barely audible, but the production and arrangement make this a more lush track than the description may hint at. Especially as we hurtle towards the end with everything piling on top of each other and driving us to a grand finale that seems to drift away into infinity. A few more like this would suit us just fine.

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